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Customer: S Square Spenta Technologies LLP

Problem Statement

Customer is planning to migrate their telephone monitoring and planning
application from a co-location DC to AWS for better scalability and high availability.
Customer will have 2 environments on AWS – UAT & Production.

Proposed Solution

  • IAM roles will be created to access different AWS service.
  • Network will be setup using the VPC service. Appropriate CIDR range, subnets, route tables etc. will be created. Different VPCs will be created for Management, Production & UAT.
  • NAT Gateway will be setup to enable internet access for servers in the private subnet in the Shared Services Account.
  • VPN tunnel will be setup between Customer’s Corporate office and AWS.
  • Bastion Host will be deployed in the Shared Services for securely accessing the AWS VMs.
  • MYSQL Database will be deployed on RDS and multi-AZ will be enabled for high availability.
  • Application will be deployed across 2 AZs of AWS for high availability.
  • Auto-scaling will be enabled for Application Servers
  • Application Load Balancer will be deployed to distribute traffic between the App Servers.
  • SoftNAS server will be deployed on EC2 and common files will be uploaded to the NAS storage
  • Route53 hosted zones will be created and required DNS records will be created.
  • Similar scaled down Application environment will be setup for UAT so testing
  • All backups will be centrally managed using AWS Backup Manager.
  • AWS SSM will be used for patch management of the Linux Servers.

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