By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Customer: An upcoming news mobile app in India

Problem Statement

The customer is an upcoming news mobile app in India. They got a chance to interview one of India’s central ministers. Since they got an appointment way too early, they had the interview recorded. The customer gave the video in 30 snippets, each snippet had minister answering on different topics. The twitter marketing was planned a
week later with the theme ‘Ask the Minister’.

Proposed Solution

Powerup built an NLP engine that interpreted the questions asked by Twitteratis
in real-time, understood the question, picked the most relevant answer from the
video snippets and shared a YouTube link in a response tweet. On that day, without
any marketing, the customer was trending among the top 3 in Twitter India.

Cloud Platform


Technologies used

Tensorflow, Kinesis, RDS.

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