Startup “Powerup” Program

A startup technology enablement program.

Why is Powerup doing this?

Powerup, now 4-years-old and though fast growing into a leading technology company, started as a boot-strapped entity. Having been through most challenges faced by startups, we realize the value of the right assistance and at the right time.

Most successful startups, more often than not credit their success to having receiving the right advice and guidance. Having put in the hard miles and partnered with multiple, now successful startups on technology, we have decided to offer our services to the startup community “pro-bono”.

With around 90% of the tech-enabled startups preferring to build on the cloud, due to it’s obvious advantages, we see a great opportunity to help. As a top-tier partner of all the 3 biggest global public cloud platforms – AWS (Premier Partner), Azure (Gold Partner) and Google Cloud (Top Partner). Our expertise in cloud-native technologies across infrastructure, AI and data would be useful to most technology enabled startups, which don’t have any assistance in the area at present. So, if you would like to enroll for the program, share your details in the form below and we will get back to you to start the process. Go ahead, it’s a FREE program and it could possibly be the best decision you’ve made.

What is the program?

The program offers 160 hours (approximately 1 month) of FREE consultation to selected startups, which includes solution-design and implementation. Two startups will be selected every month, to be supported by Powerup’s top-tier consulting and engineering teams. This enablement will lay a strong foundation, deploying best-in-class technology to enable rapid scaling.

Get 100,000 INR worth Consulting and Engineering FREE!

In addition startups who are a part of the program will get a 3 month CloudEnsure license free.

Who is eligible?

Designed for start-ups who do not have/limited in-house tech capabilities, as an applicant you to show evidence of requiring support (and not shipping out work)

Envisaged for but not limited to boot-strapped ventures.

Open to all types of businesses, however our expertise lies with product based companies.

How is it delivered?

The entire program covering consultation and engineering support will delivered from Powerup’s office in Bengaluru only.

Representatives from the selected startups will need to and are encouraged to visit the team at Powerup's Bengaluru office during course of the program.

Getting started.

Fill the form below in-full to be considered for the program. The Powerup team will connect with the selected startups to qualify and short-list for the program.

Selected startups will need to sign an NDA as a part of the program.

Upon completion of the program, a closure document will be co-signed stating the list of all activities carried out during the program.

The final selection of startups is at the sole discretion of Powerup. Powerup will not entertain any questions on it’s selection or criterion thereon.

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