POS Automation

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Joint venture of world’s largest banking and financial services groups

Problem Statement

The customer has a user base of 6 million across India & have a major presence in tier 2
& 3 cities. They have a sales team of more than 8000 field agents that visit
customers for background verification, new policy registrations, etc. Most of their
tasks involve capturing user photo ID details for verification/registration. This
happens either via manual entry or by clicking an image of the photo ID.

Proposed Solution

Powerup developed a POS automation, as an Android application, which allows
sales agents to capture real-time images, performs image pre-processing to improve
the image quality & extracts data real-time for their perusal & sends the data to
backend system for user storage.
The solution helped increase sales team efficiency by more than 15%.

Cloud Platform


Technologies used

AWS Rekognition, Python.

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