Optimizing the AWS setup

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Customer: India’s largest digital entertainment company

Problem Statement

The customer was one of the first Indian companies to use AWS to host their application.
Today they run close to 1000 servers on AWS across 8 different accounts. Customer
spends close to $100K on a monthly basis with AWS while their competitors spend just 1/4th of this. Also, being one of the earliest to adopt AWS, their workloads run on EC2 classic which leads to several cost overheads and security concerns.

Proposed Solution

Powerup was recommended by AWS to help a customer optimize the AWS set up and bring down the cost by 60%. Powerupcloud team used PowerTracker (an in-house tool to audit AWS accounts for usage, cost, and security) to assess the Customer’s current AWS setup and come up with recommendations towards cost optimization and security. Powerup is working with the customer to bring down their cost by $20K every 4 months and tighten the security of the AWS environment. The powerup team brought down the cost by $9K in the first month.

Cloud Platform


Technologies used

PHP, FFMPEG, Akamai Transcoding, Java, Oracle, MySQL, Redis, Couchbase,
Cassandra, ELK Stack.

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