Optimization of AWS platform, DB consulting services, managed services and DevOps support

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

A global logistics group

Problem Statement

A global logistics group with operations in over 14 countries including Singapore,
India, Australia, the US, China, Brazil, Africa, and APAC has its data center on AWS with
more than 70 servers and databases powering close to 20 applications. With global
users from more than 14 countries using these applications, the availability of the
applications are critical to ensure the smooth operations and freight movement.
The customer was seeking an able partner to come in and effectively manage their
cloud-based data center including the databases.

Proposed Solution

Powerup helped the customer to continuously optimize their AWS environment
and provided Database Consulting services. Powerup managed the data center
running on AWS which hosts some of their high critical enterprise workloads like
Oracle Financials, MS SQLServer Enterprise and more.
Powerup also provided 24*7 cloud managed services and DevOps support for the
customer and acts as the integration point for 6 different application development

Cloud platform


Technologies used

Windows Server, RHEL, Oracle, MS SQLServer, RDP.

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