Migration from VM to GKE (Serverless)

By January 31, 2020 February 18th, 2020 Case Study

The Customer: India’s leading investment startup

The Problems:

Currently, their environment has been provisioned in an unstructured way on a single project and all users from the technology team have access/visibility to both Stage/Prod environments and the complete infrastructure is running on standalone VMs and scaling was very cumbersome. Maintaining different services like RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch was complex. 

The Solution:

Google Kubernetes Platform (GKE) helped customers in their digital transformation journey with a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. A complete re-architecture of their current setup running on standalone virtual machines was planned with advanced technologies like Managed Kubernetes. Jenkins was implemented for the CI/CD pipeline for making sure integration of individual jobs, easier code deployment to production and effortless auditing of logs. 

  • Number of VM’s – 180+
  • Number of applications migrated – 25+
  • Approximate size of DB – 2TB

The Results:

  • Migration of all the containerized images to Managed GKE in Google Cloud helped to achieve high availability, scaling and increased in performance by 100%
  • The customer is able to manage their complete application lifecycle and build lifecycle as a code; it additionally helped to meet required security compliance.

Tools and technologies used:

  • Tools used – Bitbucket, Jenkins, MongoDB, influxDB, cloud MySQL, Percona, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch and Kubernetes.
  • Google services used – Compute Engine, Container Build, Google Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Cloud SQL, Stack Driver, Cloud Identity & Access Management, Cloud VPN, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing.

Cloud platform:

Google Cloud Platform

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