Migration for tech-based real estate platform

By January 31, 2020 February 14th, 2020 Case Study

The Customer: Tech-based real estate platform

The Challenge: 

The customer is a tech-based real estate platform were currently running its infrastructure on Digital Ocean. Their current setup made it difficult for them to manage their network, containers and storage connectivity. Customer were unable to use multiple features like Auto-Scaling, Managed Kubernetes, Load balancer and GCS storage.

The Solution: 

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helped in their digital transformation journey with a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. A combination of strategies was adopted like Recreation/Lift & Shift & Re-architecture of their current infrastructure running on Digital Ocean was planned with advanced technologies like Managed Kubernetes, App Engine, Big Query & Managed Load Balancer. Frontend application servers and Elastic search clusters were deployed on GKE. SQL cluster was deployed on GCP as a Master-Master setup with Percona.

  • Number of VM’s – 140+
  • Number of applications migrated – 5
  • Approximate size of DB – 5 TB +

The Results:

  • The customer team is able to scale the infrastructure at any point in time and the increase of web traffic on their website had no impact on end-users and zero performance issues. 
  • Additionally, managing the current setup on GCP was more efficient. This helped them to gain more control from a security standpoint.

Tools and technologies used:

  • Tools used – GitHub, Jenkins, MongoDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ELK, Kafka, Elasticsearch.
  • Google services used – Compute Engine, Container Build, Google Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Cloud SQL, Google Storage Bucket, Cloud Identity & Access Management, Cloud VPN, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing.

Cloud platform:

Google Cloud Platform

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