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Machine Learning can remain as a buzzword if you don’t understand where to use it in your business. Our ML experts can help you identify the problems which can be solved by machine learning.

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First AWS partner in APAC to achieve Machine Learning Competency

Machine Learning is the new normal in the data analytics world. At Powerup, we have been building several machine learning engine over the past 3 years, helping businesses with extracting rich insights from their data.

Powerup’s highly experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists can help you identify the right algorithms and implement machine learning engines for your business in below areas.

Only partner in the world to have achieved both AWS Machine Learning Competency and Microsoft AI Partner.

Structured Data

Structured data generally includes the data gathered by a database controlled by a data schema. Structured data are often available for immediate consumption and will require less pre-processing and cleaning of data.

Recommendation Engine: Recommendations are often generated by tracking customer behavior, purchase history, product inventory which allows the program to make recommendations and increase customer purchases.

Customer Segmentation: Following the customer behavior in your website allows you to gather key data. When machine learning is applied on them, you will be able to classify customers and improve your product placing.

Forecasts & Projections: Generate forecast on your sales, purchase, inventory by analyzing the historical data and identifying common trends in the data against various time series.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is information which doesn’t follow a pre-defined data model which would often require a considerable amount of pre-processing and cleaning of data before consumption. Eg: Text files, images, videos, emails.

Email Classification: Classification of emails help you to build your own rules to filter messages and respond back automatically.

Image Recognition: Image Recognition is another key area where the application of machine learning has increased. Face detection, object detection, error detection are some commonly seen use case in image analytics.

OCR Processing: Extracting text from images is another key area in applied machine learning use case. Some examples include detection of handwritten zip codes from envelopes, grocery shopping list, etc.

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