Landing zone setup and Migration

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Customer: Edelweiss Group

Problem Statement

Edelweiss Tokio is planning to migrate the applications one by one to AWS. Before
the Migration Edelweiss team wants to set up the AWS Landing Zone and migrate 2
applications called Web BI & Pragathi to AWS. There will be 2 environments on AWS
->UAT & Production.

Proposed Solution

  • AWS Landing Zone was set up with the following Accounts – Organization
    Account, Shared Services Account, Centralized Logging Account, UAT Account
    & Production Account.
  • Transit Gateway is deployed in the Shared Services account.
  •  VPN tunnel will be setup between Edelweiss House to AWS Transit Gateway.
  • Active Directory will be deployed in the Shared Services account and on-premise AD forest will be replicated to AWS.
  • Sensu Monitoring Server will be deployed in the Shared Services Account.
  • AWS Best Practices will be done to all AWS Accounts → Enabling CLoudtrail, Config, Gaurduty, Deleting the default VPCs etc.
  • S3 bucket will be created in the Shared Services account and all logs will be sent to the centralized S3 bucket.
  • Palo Alto Firewall will be deployed in the shared services account.
  • Bastion Host will be deployed in the Shared Services Account to securely SSH into the EC2 instances.
  • Both the applications will be deployed in the UAT account and Production.
  • Application Servers will be deployed on EC2 across 2 AZs with .NET & IIS installed.
  • SQL Server Database is deployed on EC2 across 2 AZs and database schema will be imported. Always ON replication will be used to setup high availability to the SQL Server DB.
  • Both Application & DB Servers will be deployed in a private subnet for security reasons.
  • Application Load Balancer is deployed in the public subnet and all user requests will be routed via the Load Balancer.
  • SSM will be used for all patch management of EC2 instances.
  • All backups will be centrally managed using AWS Backup Manager.

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