Hybrid Cloud Consulting

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Customer: A sales conversion acceleration platform

Problem Statement

The customer runs close to 150 servers across 5 data centers (3 on AWS). Being in the
cloud telephony industry, they require the application latency to be less than a millisecond – on par with hedge fund systems. So, managing the complete setup with
several VPN connections, security requirements and performance expectations was

Proposed Solution

Powerup provided hybrid cloud consulting services to the customer and is
responsible for 24*7 availability of their applications across AWS and their data
centers in US. Powerup manages over 80 servers, MS SQL Server databases, Asterisk
servers (Telephony) for customer in their hybrid setup with a record uptime of

Cloud platform

Hybrid – AWS and VMware Data Center.

Technologies used

Windows Server, RHEL, Oracle, MS SQLServer, RDP.

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