How Botzer (AI powered enterprise chatbot) helped automate customer support for Future Generali.

By September 26, 2019 November 19th, 2019 Botzer, Case Study, Chatbot

Written by Gopinath P, Project Manager at Powerupcloud Technologies.

When you are one of the top Health Insurance service providers in a country such as India, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, you should know that your customer care team is going to be working around the clock to resolve customer queries & issues.

Powerup engaged with Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd., where currently the Customer care team is the single point of contact for handling servicing queries and complaints from the customers to facilitate an end to end process in a Life insurance policy. Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction remains core to such businesses. An approx. of 30,000 queries on a monthly basis have been received on this dedicated call centre. These calls are currently catered to by manual agents, which might lead to a higher load on agents & marred by manual inefficiencies.

A separate team looks into the selling of the policies, increasing business volumes & driving revenue. Being a completely manual process, this creates a bottleneck into no of sales and a host of times, creates incorrect recommendations on policies to be sold. Resulting in a high amount of customer churn & lost business.

When we at Powerup were approached with the above problem statement, we first analyzed the call recordings from their call centre. Most of the queries could be classified under a limited set of service queries. In addition, while enquiring about a policy, the user is generally looking out for a set of recommendations on policy, premium & payment terms, which would suit the user requirements. Powerup solution specialists designed a solution that could not only support customer queries but also recommends the most relevant policies to the customers, helping them sign up & close deals much faster. Powerup’s Botzer was a perfect fit for the Insurance giant, with readymade modules & integration available.

Botzer is an AI-Powered enterprise chatbot, which allows customized business solutions to be deployed & hosted in the customer’s account, integrating with multiple Enterprise Systems. Powered by intelligent Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning algorithms, it is capable of understanding even the most complex customer queries. On Botzer, customer support was automated for this Life Insurance giant across channels, including their website, customer mobile apps & Social channels, such as Facebook Messenger as well.

The customer response time was reduced to within 3 minutes to complex queries, as compared to 24 hours earlier. The resolution rate also increased by more than 50%, while the agent load reduced by 60% for inbound calls.

The bot not only improved the post-sales support but also gave targeted recommendations to the customers, basis their preferences & lifestyle, allowing them to buy policies within minutes.

The bot also performs sentiment analysis on the queries coming in from the users, responding to the users’ basis the identified sentiment. A positive sentiment sends the customer a happy & a blushing reply, while negative sentiment is replied to with an empathetic tone to the customer. If the bot is not able to respond to a query, the query is passed to a live agent to engage with the customer.

The bot also automates workflows to accelerate & close sales. While recommendations are given to the customers’ basis their preferences, the bot then connects users to a live agent to close the deal.

Bot provides recommendations to the user basis lifestyle & preferences

With Botzer, we not only automated their customer support, consolidating the customer support experience across channels but also provided a comprehensive set of analytics. These custom-built dashboards allowed the business to view user profiles, user preferences, journeys & how they have transacted with the system. Marketing & Customer servicing teams gain customer buying behaviour & preferences insights, allowing them to design high performing campaigns, resulting in higher ROI.

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