Future Ready Insights

Limited period 3x3x30 offer starts at US$ 5000*


This is a great opportunity to derive new business insights and drive a pipeline of innovation by setting
up your Data Lake & Analytics Platform in 30 days with an AWS Premier Partner with global exposure in
Data & Decision Solutions. This exclusive offer of 3 use cases from up to 3 data sets and deploy a modern
data architecture on AWS in 30 days is available for a limited period only.

3x3x30 Offer starts at US$ 5000* (70% discount)

3 Data Sets

  • Establish ingestion
    process and data pipeline
  • Build a reusable
    framework for data Collections | Storage | Catalog | Serving

3 Reports

  • Identify three business area for reporting as per discussion with customer

30 Days

  • Secure, searchable, extensible data catalogue
  • Summary architecture document and training delivered for selfservice

*subject to conditions.

Typical Data Pipeline

Key Activities

Access & Priorities

Select 3 business insights with valuable outcomes.

Plan & Design

Apply modern data architecture with a reusable framework


Data Lake & Analytics platform

Expected Business Outcomes

Drive Insights

Tracking data across different parts of the client organization and use these insights to optimize business outcomes or to balance competing objectives.

Innovation driving top-line growth

Manage data from the front office, back office or both to generate process innovations or improve time to market and have a direct impact on revenue.

Pro-activity & Anticipating Needs

Not only acquire customers but also understand their customers’ needs to be able to optimize customer experience and develop longstanding relationships.

Mitigating Risk & Fraud

Security and fraud analytics aims to protect all physical, financial and intellectual assets from misuse by internal and external threats.

Delivering Relevant Products

Effective data collation from 3rd party sources where individuals publicize their thoughts and opinions, combined with analytics will help companies stay competitive when demand changes or new technology is developed. Also, facilitate anticipation of market demands to provide before it is requested.

Personalization & Service

Being able to react in real-time and make the customer feel personally valued.

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