Enabling remote work for a leading biotech company at scale

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The Challenge:

A leading biotechnology company has a lot of contractors joining them for temporary work and below are the challenges faced while making sure contractors are productive:

  1. Time taken to allocate a hardened workstation to the contractor took weeks.
  2. Preventing data loss from these workstations. 
  3. Security issues like viruses or malware attacks impacting the overall environment. 
  4. Self-service option with an integrated approval workflow.  

The Solution: 

AWS Workspace was recommended for this requirement. It is a secure and managed cloud desktop as a service. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can provide either a Windows or Linux desktop for your users in minutes and allow them to access desktops from any supported devices from any location. 

The workspace self-service portal was created to cater to the self-service requirement. 

Using this portal, the users can provision their own WorkSpaces with an integrated approval workflow that doesn’t require IT intervention for each request. 

This is entirely serverless leveraging AWS Lambda, S3, API Gateway, Step Functions, Cognito, and SES and provides continuous deployment through AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CloudFormation with SAM, and GitHub. 

Architecture diagram:

The Results:

1 The time taken for the contractor to be productive has come down drastically due to the quick availability of the workspace. 

2 Standardization w.r.t the configuration of the workspaces. 

3 No security incidents related to malware or virus attacks. 

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