Dish TV Signal Automation

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Customer: Largest DTH services provider in India

Problem Statement

One of the largest DTH services providers in India, with a userbase of 1.33 crores,
operated on a standard Dish TV installation model for their customers & have a sales
team of 8000 agents who visit customer places adhering to complaints resolution in
case of weak signal strength. Currently, the process is manual & the agent’s click
images of the signal strength on consumer device that is then sent to the backend
for analysis & data extraction to decide on the corrective measure. The process is
currently marred with multiple bottlenecks including images not captured properly
& text not extracted for actions.

Proposed Solution

Powerup developed an ML-based algorithm, which extracted information from the images captured by the agents using AWS Rekognition. The system improved the image quality by running these through image preprocessing algorithms, thus ensuring higher efficiency. The system also learns on the images being input on
a daily basis to improve its accuracy over a period of time.

Cloud Platform


Technologies used

AWS Rekognition, Python, OpenCV.

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