Customer support automation using Amazon Connect

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Customer: One of the largest Global Insurance providers


Problem statment

  • The customer support team receives 5000+ calls on a daily basis, while 80% of these calls were services related & post sales support. Most of these queries being repetitive & standardized in nature, client was looking to automate these queries on their call center, so the customer care team can look into more critical queries.
  • A solution which can integrate with Genesys for a seamless handoff to the automated system


  • Automated flows for 7 use cases, which included user authentication using an alphanumeric policy #, filing a claim, claim refund, refund status & so on Amazon Connect, which used Amazon Lex for NLP classification & user query understanding
  • Amazon Connect integrated with Genesys dial in numbers on the existing call center support system, with a seamless handover onto the voice automated system
  • Complete design was on a serverless architecture, with policy manipulation logic written on Lambda Functions on AWS
  • System integrated with live policy database via REST based APIs for live policy updates & reading the latest policy information
  • Completely voice based interaction, system handed off to a human agent if it is not able to resolve user query

Architecture diagram

Demo Link

File a claim            Claim Status

Policy Cancellation  User Authentication

Business Impact

  • 35% Reduction in call volume to the agents
  • 90% Reduction in resolution time for customers

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