Creating a VM Snapshot in google cloud using Python

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Written by Nirmal Prabhu, Cloud Engineer, Powerupcloud Technologies.

Information is eternal, computers are ephemeral, backup is the saviour.

Keeping it to the point, we have a script to do that to automate VM disk snapshot for google cloud using python and it works with the help of tags.

This script will take a snapshot of all the disks of a VM whose tag matches under condition.

Tag your Virtual machine whose disks to be backed up. Here we used [‘env’:’prod’] where “env” is a key and “prod” is a value.

import apiclient

import json

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

day =

##To get the current date with format.

currday = day.strftime(‘%d-%m-%Y’)

compute =‘compute’, ‘v1’)

def list_instances(compute, project, zone):

result = compute.instances().list(project=project, zone=zone).execute()

desired_vms= []

vmdisks= []


for each_item in result[‘items’]:

if each_item[‘labels’][‘env’]==’prod’: ##Mention the VM label to take snapshot


disks = (each_item[‘disks’])

for disk in disks:



for disk in vmdisks:

snapshot_body = {‘name’:’automated-snap-’+disk + currday} ## Name Format for new snapshot.

print “Creating snap for %s” % disk

request = compute.disks().createSnapshot(project=’xxx’, zone=’asia-south1-c’,disk=disk, body=snapshot_body) ##Mention the project and Zone

response = request.execute()

return data

print(list_instances(compute,’xxx’ ,’asia-south1-c’)) ##Mention the project and Zone

That’s it… We are done. Happy Automating…Let us know what you think!

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