COVID-19 Initiatives

The recent pandemic has forced organizations either alter or accelerate most existing IT plans & strategies. The present and the possible future business environment has also made a clear case for greater cloud adoption – with its innate benefits including scalability, managed services, and on-demand solutions. Here are some topical solutions that help organizations manage business continuity while meeting business requirements in the new normal.

Featured Initiatives

Remote Workspace Enablement
Organizations today need to rethink how work gets done, both inside and outside their walls. Technology decision-makers and their business counterparts have to quickly embrace the philosophy of work from anywhere, particularly when it comes to rethinking the core concepts of infrastructure, workplace productivity, and business processes.
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Cost Optimization on Cloud
With cloud adoption now almost universal, the renting of cloud services creates a new host of challenges, including managing bills populated with thousands of line items generated by instances running across the globe, often leading to billing/cost overruns. On this we have resurfaced our highly successful “Save Now; Pay Later” gain-share program.
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Adopting cloud-native
A specially designed program to move on from costly enterprise licensed software to cloud-native alternates which are not only cheaper but also offer superior performance. Under our “Lose the License” program you could potentially save up to 50% on TCO.
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11-Point Cloud Plan To Tackle The Covid-19 Economy

Hear from our Founder & CEO, Siva S on cloud strategies enterprises could adopt to meet immediate, short, and long term goals.

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