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Powerup’s Chatbot Journey

Chatbots were the first set of AI projects delivered by Powerup in 2016. Since then, Powerup’s AI team has grown in strength developing skill sets around several AI technologies including NLP, Image, Video, etc. But Chatbots still remain an undivided focus in Powerup’s AI strategy.

Over the past 2 years, Powerup’s AI team has delivered multiple chatbots across different domains including insurance, telco, retail, e-commerce, media, etc. is a fully developed enterprise chatbot platform built by Powerup.

Insurance – Customer Care Bot

Insurance Sales Bot

HRMS Support Bot

Retail Customer Care Bot – Chatbot Platform Built for Enterprises

  • Live Chat Module
  • Supervised Learning
  • Self Training for Product Owners
  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  • Centralized Chat Logs
  • Alexa, Google Home Extensions
  • Customer Behavior Metrics
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Winner – Microsoft Data Analytics Partner
Finalist – AWS Awards Deep Tech Space – Chatbot Platform Built for Enterprises

Amazon Alexa Devices

Google Home Devices

Smart Displays And Speakers

Expert Speak

“In our journey to innovate with new, cutting-edge technologies that help our customers better engage with their stakeholders, we are happy to develop CapitaLand’s Sparkle which is powered by our Botzer (formerly known as IRA.AI) engine. Sparkle is a milestone for the team as the bot had to pick up over 2,500 nouns unique to CapitaLand while ensuring its responses to end-users made sense”
Ervin Yeo, Capitaland

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Botzer powers virtual concierge chatbot Sparkle for CapitaLand

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