AWS to Azure migration & DevOps

By August 9, 2019 Case Study

Customer: A gaming & simulation software company

Problem Statement

The customer is a gaming and simulation software company that creates experiential
solutions that aim to transform an organization into a modern workforce. It’s Infra
was a multi-tenant SaaS application running on AWS and they wanted to move to
Azure and achieve the same level of DevOps processes they were used to on AWS.

Proposed Solution

Powerup has successfully moved customer’s infra from AWS to Azure and while doing chose relevant services to modernize their application. Entire Infrastructure provisioning was automated using Azure ARM templates including spinning servers,
installing necessary components and configuration management via Ansible, CI/CD
pipelines using Spinnaker and Jenkins. Implemented Blue/Green deployments and
Azure scale sets.

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure.

Technologies used

Azure ARM, Scale Sets, App Service, Blob storage, Spinnaker, Ansible, MYSQL,
PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Nginx, Azure IaaS.

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