Automated photo moderation

By August 9, 2019 July 31st, 2020 AI Case Study, AWS, Case Study


A leading matrimony site in India

Problem Statement

A leading matrimony site in India receives 20,000 new profile creations every day.
A team of 16 reviews the uploaded profile pictures and moderates them based on
9 parameters including nudity, celebrity, blur, group photos, photoshopped images, etc. The customer wanted to automate this moderation process to improve efficiency and reduce manpower costs.

Proposed Solution

Powerup used a combination of Amazon Rekognition and custom rule engine to moderate the images in real-time. The solution was consistently achieving above
80% accuracy. This brought down the moderation time from 24 hours to 3 minutes and the headcount was reduced from 16 to 4.

Cloud Platform


Technologies used

Amazon Rekognition, Lambda, OpenCV, Python.

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